Raise a Glass to Glass

Posted by Lynda Reigle on 26th Oct 2017

Glass was one of the earliest materials crafted into jewelry, and not simply as an inexpensive stand-in for costlier stones or metals. The ancient Egyptians valued glass beads and carvings as much … read more
Contemporary Metal Options

Contemporary Metal Options

Posted by Lynda Reigle on 24th Sep 2017

Anodized Titanium: Titanium (see below) has an extraordinary capacity to take on vibrant colors when anodized. The electrochemical anodization process uses different voltages to vary the naturally … read more

The Perfect Body Jewelry!

25th Aug 2014

When you're shopping for the perfect body jewelry, you want something that enhances your piercings and adds to your unique personality. At Lex and Lu, it is our mission to provide you, our customers, … read more

Showcase Your Body Piercings

16th Jul 2014

Your piercings make you unique and at Lex and Lu, we celebrate that individuality. If you want to showcase your body piercings, we have the perfect jewelry for you. No matter where your piercings are … read more

Shop for Body Jewelry in Our Store

11th Jun 2014

When you pick out jewelry, you want something that tells people who you are. Your jewelry makes a statement and you want to make that statement boldly and proudly. With body jewelry from Lex and Lu, y … read more