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The Perfect Body Jewelry!

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When you're shopping for the perfect body jewelry, you want something that enhances your piercings and adds to your unique personality. At Lex and Lu, it is our mission to provide you, our customers, with the finest jewelry at the best prices, so that you can accessorize and adorn your piercings with the pieces that you want. You'll never feel like you settled for anything less than what you want, due to lack of selection or lack of affordable prices.

Our inventory of body jewelry contains nose rings, labrets, barbells, and much more. If there is a specific piece or plug that you're searching for, chances are you'll find it in our store. Perhaps you've just received a new eyebrow piercing and you're searching for a barbell. We have a great selection of barbells, and you can pick and choose your favorites. Once you've found your jewelry, place it all into your cart for checkout and you'll receive combined shipping on your entire order.

Find the jewelry that you want to wear by visiting Lex and Lu today. You'll find outstanding prices, fast and helpful customer service, as well as a perfect inventory of body jewelry. Your piercings add to your individuality and we want to help you celebrate and express that individualism. If you have a great jewelry story, or simply want to ask us a question about a product, drop us a line and a member of our team will respond as soon as they can.

Showcase Your Body Piercings

Your piercings make you unique and at Lex and Lu, we celebrate that individuality. If you want to showcase your body piercings, we have the perfect jewelry for you. No matter where your piercings are located, we can supply you with the finest stainless steel jewelry. We carry barbells, belly rings, pinchers, plugs, and more. [...]

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Shop for Body Jewelry in Our Store

When you pick out jewelry, you want something that tells people who you are. Your jewelry makes a statement and you want to make that statement boldly and proudly. With body jewelry from Lex and Lu, you can craft your personal statement in many different ways. We have barbells, belly rings, captive rings, nose rings [...]

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The Finest Body Piercing Jewelry For Every Style

Summer will soon be here and when it arrives, you'll be putting on your tank tops and shorts, enjoying the warmer weather for as long as it lasts. When you ditch the sweaters and long skirts and pants of winter, you want to show off your body piercing jewelry. No matter if it's your belly [...]

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Quality, Yet Inexpensive Body Jewelry!

At Lex and Lu, we know that your piercings are part of you and that they express your unique personality. We believe that you should be able to find quality, yet affordable, body jewelry. When you visit our online store, you'll find an amazing assortment of professionally made pieces for your ears, nose, lips, and [...]

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Spice up Your Body Jewelry for Summer

Spring is officially here, and that means we are getting closer and closer to the season of bathing suits, shorts, tank tops and flip flops! Ready or not, summer is almost here! What better way to welcome in the summer season than giving your body piercings and update? We offer a wide selection of body piercing jewelry that is sure [...]

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Body Piercing Jewelry that will make you look great

If you are looking for a way to accentuate your appearance, well, you should think about purchasing some of our body piercing jewelry. We offer an extensive selection at very reasonable prices. The advantages and benefits to body piercing jewelry are numerous and many. Contrary to what some would be led to believe, body piercing still is a relatively [...]

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Enter Here for the Best Selection of Body Jewelry Online

There definitely are no shortage of places to peruse for Body Jewelry Online. That said, if you are looking for the best bargain and bang for your buck, you would be wise off to visit us right here at Lex and Lu where we offer a wide variety of various jewelry like stretchers, barbells, tunnels, basic [...]

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Best Selection of Body Jewelry Online Here

There are other options out there -- some of which are viable. However, if you are looking for the absolute best option, than that definitely would be us. We are of course Silver Effects, and we have you covered with the absolute best selection of Body Jewelry Online.With it being the holiday season, what better time [...]

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Body Jewelry Online that is affordable and stylish

It is not Thanksgiving yet, but the holiday season is rapidly approaching. Whether you have friends or family, or both, interested in body jewelry, Lex and Lu is a great place to go to check out the latest in-style items and products. We are considered by many to be the official Body Jewelry Online headquarters. [...]

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